About TPS:
TEAM PARTHIAN SHOT was founded in 2014 at the area including Konan, Fuso, Oguchi, Inuyma and Komaki in Aichi, and provides the training circumstance for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA and stand-up combat sports like kickboxing, Shin-Karate(glove Karate), Muay-Thai, Shootboxing and Sanda(Sanshou).

In 2018 we joined Japan Shooto association to revitalize our activity of MMA.
And we also joined Shin-karate Exchange Network of All Japan Shin-Karatedo Federation(Zen-nihon Shin-Karatdo Renmei) in 2018, and joined Japan Amateur Kickboxing Federation in 2019 for our activity of stand-up combat sports.

In 2019, we started Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, and joined Jiu-jitsu Federation of Japan(JJFJ).

We do not only train enjoyably and efficiently but also make efforts to study and develop the training methodologies for MMA and stand-up combat sports.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu
–> AM9:00 ~ PM1:00, Sunday

Stand-up combat sports(kickboxing & Shin-Karate)
–> PM7:00 ~ PM9:30, Monday & Wednesday

MMA & Stand-up combat sports
–> AM9:00 ~ PM12:00, Sunday

At the public facilities in Konan, Fuso, Oguchi, Inuyama and Komaki.
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